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Ni Hao, Families!


Little Scholars International Preschool is a place where children learn Mandarin naturally in a loving, safe, healthy, and fun environment. Our program provides a learning environment in which children become independent, joyful, respectful learners. We embrace the idea that children learn best through play and hands on activities and offer age appropriate educational experiences for them to achieve optimal growth. At Little Scholars, we respect that every child is different; we nurture, educate and celebrate each child's culture, belief system and values.


Little Scholars is an immersion-based program for children from birth to five years old. We have found the most effective way to teach Mandarin as a world language is for our teachers and caregivers to use it exclusively throughout day...Our goal is simple: create an environment in which Mandarin is fun to learn as well as encourage children to continue learning it as a lifelong pursuit.


Since the Little Scholars program is home-based, children are in a comfortable and safe environment. We provide healthy meals and snacks for children ages one and beyond.


The small size of the school provides intensive individualized attention and instruction. 

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